Expenses For November While on the Road

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Another month come and gone...and here are our expenses while on the road.
Keeping in mind we pretty much stayed within one area and did not travel out of the city limits. Mostly did dry camping to keep expenses down there. All expenses in USD.

Camping fees: $25
Laundry: $32.50 (only includes washes and dry- not soap, etc)
Take Out: $48.67 ( I do try to use coupons but will also say Gerry DOES eat more than me and ups the bill-LOL)
Water and dumps for the RV: $45
Gas RV- $170
Propane: $62.46
SUV Gas: $80
Groceries: $485.76

Gas will be up for December as we head to Las Vegas to meet with daughter and her boyfriend...and also a possible trip to the Mexican border for dental.

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