Drying Clothes

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where I live, we don't get alot of good weather for line drying clothes.The line goes up sometime in May and is gone by September. Even for those months that we do get warm weather, we do get alot of rain and cooler, sunless days.I try to dry outside when I can.

When I do dry indoors I check clothes often and take them out as soon as they are dry enough to be folded or ironed. My daughter,Ria comes to do a load of laundry once or twice a week and hates "crusty" clothes as she calls it, so utilizes the dryer...her laundry is always heavy items that take a while to dry, so I am always visualizing my meter hands going round and round-LOL

I was thinking of maybe hanging some of the clothes over night on a clothes rack indoors. I still like my towels , and underwear dried in the dryer though. What works for you?


  1. I always use a couplelaundry drying racks if the weather is nice they go out side. If I do laundry in the morning they go in the bedrooms and if it is before bed the racks go in the kitchen and living room. Saves me lots of money.

  2. I use all the sunlight that shines.Hubby made me a wonderful clothes line. I also had him hang me a few lines in a room inside for winter.You can hang clothes on hangers or use clothes pins,being just him and me dont seem to matter if our laundry is hanging out with us.LOL


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