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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have lived here with Gerry for the past 3 years.
Originally, he had two gardens in the backyard, growing potatoes, peas, carrots,beans and cucumbers- that year everything grew well.
The following year we put in in a little less vegetables and the only things that really grew good were the potatoes.
This year was a poor, short growing season.( June,July, August).We didn't see alot of sun or feel alot of heat. We planted potatoes, the regular bush of raspberries and I tried growing sunflowers this year. (I always liked the look of sunflowers that others grew in their yards.)
The photos you see here is of our raspberry bush,sunflowers,( you can see how big they only got), the potatoes and some flowers.
We aren't big vegetable eaters and around here if we have plenty of potatoes, we're happy. Blueberries grow wild as well as raspberries.My niece and her friend had picked blueberries this summer and bagged them up in little baggies- they were selling them door to door for .25 a bag...little entrepreneurs.
I think next year I may add some carrots, onions, etc..Definitely nice to be able to have your own garden produce.

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