Contesting and Winning

Sunday, August 30, 2009

You might wonder how contesting fits into my life of simple living and stretching a dollar.Well, I have been entering contests for years- and I have won many nice things in the past.Last year we went to Mexico, ( just before Swine Flu arrived there), and as well, this year have had some nice wins as well. Most contests and sweeps I enter online so they are free, but I do do the occasional mail in ones.I will keep you all posted from here on out on my wins.This month I won a blue ray player and movie collection worth $1,000 from Hershey on an online instant win contest.Also won a year magazine subscription to Tidings magazine and a Country Heat cd from CMT. All wins are most welcome as they are bonuses in our lives, and most times things we don't normally buy for ourselves. I also won an Ipod shuffle this year, which I really was happy about, as I was still carrying around a cassette player on my walks.
So whether you enter a few online contests, ones by mail or in store ballot boxes,take a few minutes to enter. You may be pleasantly surprised when you win!

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  1. I enter radio contests in Vancouver, Washington USA do pretty good, the stations are in Portland, Oregon and I know when to call in memorizing the days and times..did pretty good in 1987 and 1988 also enter by mail local contests and do very you are right about entering contests, I find on-line contests it is really a crap shoot, many enter few win, but it can be done!! also for things I would never spend a dime you are so so right about entering to win!!!!!!!!!!!


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