How We Get Magazines For Free

Monday, August 31, 2009

We have gotten our magazines for free for some time now..we rarely buy them.Some of them are getting so expensive.I remember living at home and mom buying The Enquirer for .99- now it's $5!
It's simple to get mags free. Go to the magazine's web site and go to the "subscribe" section. Once there sign up and tick off: "Bill Me Later". You can do this with the magazine cards found in magazines , on the magazine's home web site, or sometimes in home mailers. Once you get the invoice in the mail, either send it back and mark "cancel " on the bill, or don't send it back. They will send you 1-2 issues at the very least. You can keep doing this with every issue you get, so you are always getting free magazines.
Also keep an eye out for some rebate offers where you can buy specially marked packages which may have an offer for free subscriptions as well.

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