It's Only August and I'm Cold!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I hate to say it, but I get cold- easily! I was already thinking of an electric blanket on the bed last night. Mine died on me last year, so I was hoping over the summer someone would have had them on sale somewhere, but I didn't find, now that it's turning colder in the evenings,and the bed is getting cold, I'm going to have to start the search for one. We have a queen sized bed- so more of an expense for any bedding, the bigger the bed gets.We are heading out of town tomorrow so will see what I can find.I do have a heat pad, so may use that in the beginning, as partner doesn't feel it's cold yet.Unfortunately I have Raynauds,so I do have poor circulation and not as warm as most.
We are investing in an energy efficient furnace this year as well, so in the long run we will save money.
We will also be able to claim up to $1300 of that cost on next year's taxes.(Canada)
We do wear slippers around here as we find that if our feet are kept warm, we stay warmer.Sweaters are great too!
More great tips include:
-foam insulation
-window covering kits
-closing off unused rooms
-give your furnace a tune up and clean the filters
-take advantage of the sun- open all those curtains on sunny days
-use a space heater if you will be in one room for a few hours-example: watching a movie with the family.

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