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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I was away Friday and most of today. We had gone to the city to look for a grad dress for Erika- and just make it a weekend get away. It's a 5 hour drive to the city so tiring when you do it in 2 days.We have a savings account that is specifically for trips that we take, so aren't using the visa. This account is getting dry again,as we took a trip to South Dakota this summer and made a few small weekend trips too.
Some of the savings I did have on the road were:a mystery shop,( so was able to have pizza for lunch for the 3 of us, with drinks ). Also finally used my Keg gift cards we had gotten as a Christmas gift last year-$50, which helped towards supper. We only paid $3 plus tip, over and above what it cost. Got the one night hotel for $78-travel agent rate,( even though I am no longer a travel agent, this hotel still allows me to use my travel agent discount- which is about half price).I also had a 15% coupon off tasty Laura Secord if you buy $15.Went to Walmart with a $25 Mastercard gift card that I earned from a rebate on pop.Picked up a few things there.
Ria had given us 2 boxes of books to take in to the bookstores for cash, but unfortunately, they didn't like alot of what we had and we only were able to pawn off 5 books- or $30.She also sells them on Amazon but I think these were ones she didn't get much for on Amazon.
Unfortunately, I must confess, that I did "waste" some money on scratch tickets and a trip to the casino.I feel terrible.I am so careful otherwise. We just want to win a bit more money a bit too much and hoped to be lucky. It just didn't happen.

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