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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Start saving money on groceries before you even enter the store with . At you can shop and compare local grocery store deals you might otherwise find in flyers scattered on your table.

Price-booking, or shopping by an item’s unit price, takes a lot of time and work, yet it’s one of the best ways to save money on groceries. has done this work for you and shows you which items are cheapest based on a five-star scale: 5 stars is excellent, 2.5 is average, and 0 means wait for a better deal.

You can search for ingredients on your grocery list, or look more broadly at what’s on sale and type in categories like “meat” or “produce.” Also, you can search by store, so if you’re a loyal to a certain store, you can see what their best sales currently are so you don't miss a chance to stock up.

The site also has a bonus feature that shows you what kinds of recipes you can make from the cheapest deals from your favorite store. It even calculates how much you’ll save on those recipes if you buy the recommended ingredients! Currently, all the recipes come from  where you can see the cooking instructions and reviews of the recipe.

The site is fairly new, so not every U.S. zip code or store is available yet, and the site does not currently include Canadian locations or stores. The founders are working to expand the site to include Canada and they also welcome emails to help them improve the site. If your favorite store isn’t included, just let them know so they can add it.


  1. Price booking. i read Amy D. went into stores to compare prices of items. I heard some managers got concern when they see customers making a price book.

    I find Loss leaders the best deal..

  2. Thank you for this info! I'm fairly new to couponing and have spent a lot of time recently with my nose in the circulars. This should help!! Found you via MBC and am now following :)...

  3. Thank you-good to hear- always nice to hear we are helping others.


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