How to Save Money on Gas, Food, and Home Remodeling

Saturday, January 23, 2010

During these tough economic times, people are searching high and low to find ways to save money on gas, food and even remodeling projects. Knowing where to look can not only save you time, but also a great deal of money.
Where to find the best priced gas:

 How to save money at the grocery store:

 Make a grocery list before you go shopping. Not only will you save time, but you won’t buy things that aren’t on the list.
Check out the weekly grocery store ads before you go shopping and stock up on items that can be stored. Canned goods, pasta and grains have long shelf lives and poultry and meat freeze well.
Don’t buy pre-cut, pre-bagged items.
 Buy ziplocks for a couple bucks and bag small portions of chips, veggies, fruit, etc.
Don’t waste money on pre-cubed, pre-pounded or pre-seasoned meats or poultry. While these can save you prep time in the kitchen, they cost quite a bit more than plain cut meat.
Look for family packs whenever possible, as the price per pound is much lower.
Coupons do count! A few dollars per week adds up to real savings over the course of a year. File all your coupons in a convenient place where you will remember to bring them to the grocery store.
 Follow the basic rule of shopping: If you won’t eat it, don’t buy it…even if it’s cheap!

Remodelling Tips:

Do a quick internet search for “discount kitchen sinks” and you’ll see just how much information is out there on finding discount sinks.
 Keep your eye out for liquidation centers or bargain building centers. Sometimes these are known only to contractors, but start asking and you might just find them.
 Check out a bargain building supply store. These often carry both new and used discounted sinks. These stores can even carry higher end items such as Blanco sinks and Danze faucets. Used sinks can save you a great amount of money, just be sure that you inspect it for any noticeable flaws.
 Talk to local contractors who may have contacts with local builders. They also might have a heads up when it comes to any pending sales on household building supplies such as discounted sinks, countertops, etc.
Keep your ears open for word about a going out of business sale or an auction of kitchen materials. You can probably find this information in the local classifieds for ads on auctions and end of business sales.

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Johnathan enjoys freelance writing for business and finance publications. In his free time he loves to hike, read, and spend time along the coast.

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