Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love reading books on saving money, and cutting the budget. With living on one income most times, you need to find all the short cuts you can.
I was recently sent the book Be CentsAble by Chrissy Pate and Kristin McKee, to review.
I'm part way through it but could tell from the moment I "got into" the book, that it was well written and what I wanted to read.
Two everyday moms write about saving money on a variety of day to day things-groceries,bills, family entertainment and more.
I don't want to put this book down- and really do give it a thumbs up.

More about the book:

Now more than ever, people are desperate to save money without scrimping on every little purchase or sacrificing their lifestyle. Like most Americans, stay-at-home moms Chrissy Pate and Kristin McKee spent the lion's share of their budgets on what they assumed to be static costs such as groceries and utilities. But when using traditional couponing and cheapskate guides didn't help their budgets shrink by a dime, Pate and McKee decided to come up with their own way to save.

Within a few months, their household expenses dropped by more than half-from spending $800 each per month to less than $350! only a few years after developing their "be centsable" system, Pate and McKee have helped thousands of subscribers save money without spending hours finding and cutting coupons, or giving up "extras" like travel and entertainment. In this prescriptive guide, these authors show how anyone can save thousands of dollars on cleaning supplies, pet care, toys, travel, and most importantly, groceries-without giving up healthy foods, favorite products, or the occasional splurge.

And be sure to visit their web site as well for tons of great savings!

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