Yesterday's Indoor Sale

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We had our yearly indoor sale yesterday. We rent space in a hall every year for $25 and the ad to the paper is another $10.
We don't have a garage in our yard. We tried to have the yard sale last year  , it rained, and we wasted $10 for an ad as we had to cancel the sale. We didn't want to do that again, so we rented the hall. Glad we did. It rained again yesterday, but we did still have a good crowd. We made over $250, which most of will go for our travel fund.
It was alot of work though, with the packing, unpacking and all.
The picture shows a portion of the hall but we had tables all around the hall.
The stuff we had leftover was donated to a local thrift store that gives back to local charities as well.
Have you had YOUR yard sale yet this year?



  1. That is true- and it would help. Thank you- I will have my webmaster look at this for me.
    I appreciate your comment.

  2. This is fantastic. Great for the environment too...

    Nice you donated the left over!!!!

    I leave things out in the street (and not in a bag); so others will see and take. The other week two very new glass tanks (my son cut back on his reptile collection).

    But I have found things others thrown out; like last year two terrific bamboo chairs for the front of my house... etc.

    It is amazing that I'm always finding things for free that others do not want; and in terrific quality.

    My backyard recliner still had the price tag on (hanging underneath); probably used once or twice; and people move or whatever and just threw thing out.

    A nice balance...

    Great you have a place to do this for only $25.00...

  3. People don't do that here.. put things out on the street others really take the stuff that is left there?
    I know I have heard of a city about 8 hours from here doing a big scale of that. Everyone in the city puts out what they don't want and people can drive around and get what they want.
    We always seem to be the drop off centre. Everyone in the family that doesn't want their unsuables in our family passes it along to me. I giveaway to the local thrift shops or sell at my yearly garage sale.Profit is all mine.


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