Winning Against Foreclosures

Thursday, July 22, 2010

After missing one of your monthly payments once, the lender will more or less contact you at once either through phone or via mail. If at this time, you are already having trouble paying for your monthly dues then it would perhaps be the best time to seek advice from a housing counselor.

A lot of people have a problems when it comes to paying for their houses, that is why house foreclosures have become a tremendous problem in the past couple of years. If you miss your payment on the second month, your lenders will again try to contact you to inquire why you have not been able to pay for the past 2 months. Do not try to avoid or ignore them as this will only make matters worse. It is very beneficial to explain yourself as to the reason why you were unable to pay. Also, it would better to pay even at least one monthso as not to fall behind in payment for three months since at that point, things begin to get messy.

The moment you missed your third month in payment, they will already give you a Notice to Accelerate which gives you the total amount you need to pay and you are given 30 days to update your mortgage. You should very much keep in mind that if this is not paid on or before the deadline, the lender may already begin the process of foreclosure. This is the usual flow of the foreclosure process. Some states may differ a bit in terms of timelines but the general idea is there: if you are unable to pay for your house, you may lose it eventually. That is why seeking professional help can save you a great deal of stress.

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