How to Update Your Bathroom Without Spending Much Money

Monday, March 16, 2020

Sometimes it makes more sense to be frugal when it comes to updating spaces in a house. And when it comes to redoing a bathroom, saving money might seem like something that's a bit difficult to accomplish. After all, any space where plumbing and electricity magically intersect with other household needs is going to require a type of finessing that something as simple as slapping a coat of paint on a bedroom doesn't.

An out-dated bathroom can get to be an eyesore for those who are sick of dealing with a tired old 1970s decor or peeling wallpaper. But the real trouble is often out-dated devices like toilets that don't quite flush properly or showerheads that drip too much. The first rule of thumb with making repairs to the bathroom is paying attention to the fact that certain repairs are going to save homeowners money in the long run. If you need to update the faucet heads or shower before they are working poorly altogether, then it's actually saving money to go ahead and make the repair. Because when there has been less damage done and the trouble is only aesthetic, then there's a lot less to invest in.

Updating a bathroom in terms of appliances is also not that difficult. The new energy-efficient toilets manage to make flushing easy without using a ton of water, meaning that bills and utilities will go down while bathroom time will work a lot more smoothly. And with new toilets, there is no worrying that you're dealing with an appliance in an avocado green or off-yellow, like so many from years past. New sinks also provide a chance to enjoy more contemporary design, rather than dealing with a gigantic fixture in the middle of the bathroom. And more surface space away from the water with new sink designs means it's easier to find storage for an entire bathroom worth of make-up and other accessories.

One of the biggest ways you can spruce up your bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to involve changing its looks, but instead, you can improve its functionality. As bathroom appliances (such as showers) age, their water-pumping system may begin to weaken. It may even come to a point where water flow becomes so weak that your bathing becomes more of a chore than a recreation. If you’re not getting enough water pressure in one of your showers, consider using an effective water pump that can improve its performance.

Of course, updating a bathroom doesn't have to involve buying a new toilet or spending a ton of money. It can be as simple as figuring out a completely new way to make things look by changing lights and colors. The decision to change the way that the lights work in a bathroom can completely transform a space. For anyone dealing with a smaller bathroom with minimal natural light, switching from fluorescent lighting to something more natural gets rid of an ugly glare and improves the entire essence of the bathroom. Likewise, going with a simple wall lamp for makeup or changing the way that the lighting is distributed so that it's possible to take a calming bath with low light improves the entire feeling of a bathroom, too.

With painting and tile, there is another rich opportunity for changing up the way that things work in a bathroom, all without spending a ton of money. Using recycled tiles is a great way to be kind to the environment while also sprucing up the appearance of a bathroom, and recycled tiles can often be a lot more economical. Figuring out how to set and lay tile is also the kind of activity that anyone who isn't all thumbs can accomplish over a weekend, with help from friends and a six-pack and some nice music. Likewise, doing some painting to change up the color of the bathroom is a great way to get things looking nicer and new. Investing in towels that match the color of the walls is also a great way to complete a new, economical look that has a bathroom singing an entirely different tune.

About the Author: Karl Donaghey of Bathroom Solutions, suppliers of designer bathrooms including baths, showers and loo seats.


  1. we gutted our bathroom (well, actually our entire house)... but we did the bathroom for about $1000 for everything! My husband did all the plumbing and tile work. We did everything white.. wall, floors, toilet, sink, and tub. I can then change the look with different towels, shower curtains...etc.. We saved tons of money by shopping around and doing it ourselves! :)

  2. That's a smart idea by doing everything white and then adding the color to that. Smart- and great that hubby is handy too.

  3. I like light colors mixed with bright for bathroom which make them look shiny.


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