Be More Charitable This Year!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Giving to charity is an amazing way to make a difference to people's lives without having to exert too much out of your day. Whether it is a few pounds every now and then, or a lump sum donation to the charity of your choice, or just volunteering in your local park to litter pick. All of these small actions collectively make a huge difference to those affected by these charities. If you are looking for more ways to be charitable this year, keep reading for great tips!


If you are looking for a way to give back and also be actively involved in the charity you want to help, then volunteering is the best way. Volunteering is very accessible, with no money needed to volunteer. Most charities are looking for people to help them carry out the activities they need completing in order to stay open to help those in need. Activities you can do whilst volunteering are very broad. It could be litter picking in the local area, keeping it clean and tidy. It could be visiting older folk to speak to them for a little bit, and provide them with much needed company. It is a very flexible and active way in giving back, and with no contract, you can choose and fit it around your schedule to volunteer and help others.

Donate your Skills

Similar to volunteering, another flexible way to give back is by donating your skills to the charity. Something often forgotten is that charities are structured very much like businesses. They need to create marketing, manage the money that gets donated to them, manage admin and present / pitch for government funding to keep them running. If you have a specialism, like marketing or accounting, then maybe a weekend or two helping the charity with their accounts or marketing department can be a great way to give back. If you have some free time why not? The reward will be worth the work put in!

Charities Abroad or Domestic?

This is a subjective choice and completely a personal one too. There are many charities domestically that need your help, and many abroad. It is always best to engage in charities that mean something to you. If you have children than maybe Youth Villages is the best to help, or if you know someone impacted by cancer in some way, then a cancer charity would be best. Regardless of whether they are domestic or international, just helping a charity of some kind is such an amazing act that means so much to those who need it.

How can I Do This on a Day to Day Basis?

There are many ways! More and more regularly businesses and big brands are starting to offer products that donate a percentage of their proceeds to charity. Some big chain coffee shops have cookies and more, customised for the charity and when one is bought, proceeds to go to the charity. The same can be said for food chains too! So when you are out and about, be vigilant and look for these places, as small donations here and there or rounding up the rest of your bill, really makes a huge difference in the long run!

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