Let's Get Cruisin': How to Cruise on a Budget

Monday, March 9, 2020

With everything going on in the world right now, you would think that cruise prices are landing next to nothing. Unfortunately, traveling via cruise ship (or any other way for that matter) is still something that falls on the costly side - especially if you are traveling with children or a large group. Though there are some bargains that arise in the wake of tragedy and illness, cruises are still generally expensive. Don’t forget that you have to pay for flights, tours, drinks, and tips/eating out. So, if you are planning a cruise, here are a few tips to stay on budget.

Try Staying More Local
There are a lot of cruise lines that have established home ports along the coast. If you happen to live near port cities (Miami, Boston, Seattle…), you can save on the costs that would have been spent on a plane ticket and take cruises that sail to the Caribbean, Canada, New England, and others. It is important to consider that, if you are driving to the port, you will have to factor in the price of parking. 

Factor in WHEN you Travel
Whenever you can, try to select travel dates that are outside of the peak seasons. If you want to visit the Caribbean, try going in October. This way you can avoid the more expensive seasonal and holiday prices influxes.

Look Around the World Wide Web
You should always speak to a travel agent, but be sure to use the internet to search for deals and discounts on travel sites. Many deals are only offered for a small window of time, so be sure to jump on them as fast as possible. It is also a good idea to look into speaking with a maritime accident attorney about coverages and other concerns you may have about the trip. 

Groups can be Cheaper
It could be beneficial to influence some friends and family to go on the cruise too. Many lines offer free berths when you have a large amount of bookings.This will leave you more money to enjoy the trip or maybe buy some souvenirs.

Read Everything Carefully
Sometimes the price of the cruise can sound like a bargain, but it is common for the price to only be associated with the entry fee. There are a lot of extra costs like babysitting, alcohol, spa treatments, and tipping that are not included in the overall quoted price. If you spend some time reading the fine print and researching, you can find package deals on a lot of these accommodations. 

At the end of the day, this trip is for you to be able to unwind and get away from everything, so if you spend a little more money, it’s probably ok. But, for those of you that want to stick to a tight budget, consider these tips to avoid hidden fees and stay on track.

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