Why Renting A Car Is Better Than Buying One

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Many people decide to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying a vehicle. Doing so allows them to go anywhere without relying on public transport or lifts off friends and family members.

As you can appreciate, buying a vehicle is a significant outlay, and the automotive costs don’t just end with vehicle ownership. It’s for those reasons that more people are turning to auto rentals as a more cost-effective means of getting on the road. Not convinced? Take a look at these reasons why renting a car is better than buying one:

You’ll always get a new vehicle

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hiring a car for a week or three months. One thing you can be sure of is that you’ll end up with one of the latest models. There are many advantages to driving a new car, such as:

  • Optimum reliability - older vehicles tend to have more parts that fail on them, and usually when you least expect them;
  • Excellent gas mileage - when an engine gets old and worn, it won’t perform as well as it once did;
  • The latest technology - many vehicles have Bluetooth and music streaming as standard, along with safety features such as active braking.

Someone else worries about associated vehicle costs

One of the main bugbears of owning a car is you have to pay for all kinds of extra costs like taxes, insurance, and so forth. When you rent a car, you only pay a fixed price for your rental period. All those other costs get taken care of by the rental provider.

You can even have the rental company provide extras that you might need for the duration of your rental, such as child car seats. Again, you don’t have to bear the expense of buying such items outright.

You can rent anything to suit your needs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a small city car or fleet passenger vans to transport your work colleagues around. There’s a vehicle that you can rent, which will suit your requirements.

The great thing about vehicle rentals is there’s no “one size fits all” solution for all customers. You have the option to select the exact type of car that you want. In many cases, you can even specify the make and model of the vehicle that you’d like to rent!

You don’t have to rent a car for lengthy periods

A downside to buying a vehicle is that it’s yours forever until you decide to sell it. That means you have to pay for taxes, insurance, and maintenance - even if you’re not driving it most of the time.

That’s why it makes sense to rent a car. You have the power to decide how long your rental period should be. You can rent a vehicle for a weekend, a whole week, or even a few months. It’s also possible to rent cars or vans for several short durations each month.

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