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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You can buy pretty much everything on the internet these days and window treatments are no exception. Whether it’s roller blinds, curtain poles that you want, or just accessories like curtain rings, track supports and finials, you’re guaranteed to find it on the world wide web. This way you can buy everything you need to create your own mark on a room without leaving your seat.

For those not in the know, finials and midials are decorative pieces that can be added to curtain poles to enhance and complement their appearance. Finials take their place at either end of the pole, whilst midials are more flexible and can be slid anywhere along the pole. Whilst these are available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and designs, they won’t be perfect for everyone.

Thankfully for those of a creative persuasion, you can add a new lease of life and character to curtain poles by making your own accessories. Handcrafted curtain rings and other accessories are a simple way to spice up a bland curtain pole whilst adding a touch of unique character. Here is a quick guide to to create your very own curtain rings for the home.

It’s important to realise that absolutely no amount of fabric is too little and leftovers often prove handy one way or another. Firstly, make sure you purchase some curtain rings that both fit and match the curtain pole you are decorating. Next up, get all your required materials and tools in one place. The bare minimum you need is your fabric pieces, glue (either white glue, or even better fabric and plastic glue), sticky tape, a paintbrush and a pair of scissors.

Now it’s time to get started. Get your fabric and cut strips from it that are about a quarter of an inch wide. The longer the strips are the better; even 30 inches isn’t too long. Then wrap the rings you have bought with the fabric and maybe even paint over the fabric if the colour isn’t right for you. If you aren’t going to paint it however, then ensure that the edges of all the fabric overlaps so none of the original curtain rings are on show. Wrap it as tightly as you possibly can whilst remaining neat, and tape it down with the sticky tape and glue.

If you don’t have any fabric spare, then it’s possible to make decorative rings with paper napkins without them looking tacky. Be sure to completely coat the ring with glue and keep lashing the glue on as you wrap to ensure it doesn’t completely dry out before you finish.

Finally, why not consider sprucing your poles up with some beads or colourful string? These can be carefully wrapped around the pole, or weaved in and out of the rings to wonderful effect.

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