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Thursday, April 19, 2012

It only comes around once a week and most families spend the entire week waiting for it…
It’s Friday!!! And Pizza Hut wants to make sure that families across Canada are sharing special moments by providing ideas and easy solutions for maximizing family fun time.

This spring, Pizza Hut is making it easier for mom and dad to put a fun and delicious meal on the table with the new Pizza Hut Dinner Box. Available now until June 3, 2012, the Dinner Box packs an entire family friendly meal — appetizer, main course and dessert — into one convenient box!

Priced at just $19.99 the Pizza Hut Dinner Box includes: 10 signature WingStreet boneless chicken bites, ½ a PANormous Pizza and Chocolate Dunkers, a dessert kids will crave all the way from Saturday to Thursday.
“Friday is typically the night when families want to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Mom and Dad are tired from the busy week, and the kids are excited about maybe getting to stay up late and enjoy fun time with the family,” says David Vivenes, Yum! Restaurants Canada Chief Marketing Officer. “At Pizza Hut one of our main priorities is providing easy meal solutions for mom and dad so that more time can be spent enjoying special moments together. And Pizza Hut’s new Dinner Box does just that.”
Make Friday Family Fun Night!
Here are a few ideas from the family fun experts at Pizza Hut to make your Friday nights extra special:
  • Theme nights
Add a little “extra cheese” to family night by setting a theme!
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
    • Fancy Friday – everyone dresses up in their fanciest clothes
    • PJ Party
    • Lights Out Friday – see how long you can last using nothing but candlelight
    • Favourite movie or book theme
  • Phone a friend night!
Double your family for a night and let everyone invite a friend.
  • Family Story Telling
Try telling a group story at the dinner table. Have one person start a story, and then go around the table taking turns finishing it. A good story can produce countless family laughs and will be retold for years to come.
  • Family Movie Reviews
After watching a movie together, take turns pretending to be movie critics and reviewing what you thought of it. Who were your favourite characters? What was your favourite part?, etc.
  • Fun with Food – Custom Design Your Dessert
Making dessert as a family is a fun way to share a moment – cupcakes that need to be decorated or fruit kabobs are fun options.
  • Order-in Fridays
Designate one or two Fridays a month as order-in nights. Mark these on the calendar, so that everyone can look forward to them.

About Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is one of Canada’s largest pizza restaurant chains with over 320 franchised restaurants across Canada offering dine-in, delivery and online ordering experiences. With more than 12,800 locations in 100 countries, Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza restaurant company.

Pizza Hut, Inc. is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM). Those hungry for more information can visit us at

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