Showing Off Our New Couch

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have to brag about our new couch that we absolutely love! It is so cozy and such great quality!The ends of the couch are two recliners.
Bought it from our local hardware store and waiting still on the recliner, which is delayed for another week.
But we were able to get a deal on this set over another furniture store because they both carried the same brand and style.
What we did was find it at one furniture store, and got a quote on the price.
We went to a local store and they carried the same brand. We said: here is the quote and can you do better, and they did- saving us at least $200.
Sold our old blue set and updated to the colors of our living room we had remodelled in over the past year or two.Got $650 for the older set and had money saved to use towards this new set. All in all were quite happy we didn't charge any of it!

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