Alaska The Northern Frontier- Reviewing "The Milepost"

Monday, April 2, 2012

Alaska is one of the great frontiers of North America that is sure to feature prominently on any travellers “must see list”.Gerry and I have the travel bug and I have been mulling over places I'd love to go to- Alaska is definately on that list, right at the top.

For those planning this great adventure The MilepostAlaska's trip planner and travel guide is a definite must read. It is filled with information on great roadways, ferries, lodging and recreational activities available not only in Alaska but also in Northern and Western Canada. This publication has been around since 1949, which longer than Alaska has been a state! The Milepost is updated annually so the traveller is always in the know of new attractions while continuing on the path of the tried and true. The guide is filled with valuable information on border crossing, fishing and hunting, exchange rates, road conditions and camping features. Alaska has a lot to offer so make sure to dog ear the pages on great northern communities.

So apply the state motto and go “north to (your) future”.

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