Arrived Last Night-Vancouver

Monday, June 24, 2013

Made it in to Vancouver late last night. Well, at least late our time back home. They are two hours behind us, so a bit hard to get used to the time difference. Back home I am usually up by 7:30, so guess what? Got up at 5:30 today. Gerry slept for a few more hours and I played around on the lap top, but my tummy is telling me it's way past breakfast, so Gerry is just showering and we'll be heading down to the continental breakfast here at the Days Inn near the Vancouver airport.

It was nice getting in to the airport last night and having only about a 5 minute drive over to the hotel, as it was raining and dark. Not a good combination when you don't know the area and looking for your hotel.
I think as well the weather is calling for rain all day today, so glad we brought a combination of clothes.
Will post later on about our day!


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