More Photos of the Yard- (cont'd)

Monday, June 10, 2013

The garden is in....although no one had carrot seeds this year anywhere in town!
-so we have strawberries ( something new this year)
-tomatoes ( usually have troubles growing those-will try this year)
-peas, green onions and potatoes
-raspberry trees beside the garden as well

Gerry rebuilt the back fence this year and on the other side, now has the wood pile and room to pull his truck in and off the road.With the back lane being narrow, he was often worried in the winter that he had his back end on the road a bit. Now there is a full parking stall back there.
Also, the car port ( grey) is just for storage, but replaces the old yellow one we had last year that was in a different spot, and had been patched, etc., due to a heavy snow that caved in the roof one winter. We got this car port for $199 plus tax- and they were regular almost $500.
We also sold 2 sheds this year to make more room to re do the back yard.


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