The Yard

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I've been coming up with the ideas lately on how I want to see things around the yard and Gerry's been completing my "vision"-LOL
Replaced our older figurine type ornaments,( which I'll try to sell), for a cuter looking one to start today- the terrier dog behind Jakey in this picture. He first saw it today and ran at it a few times. It does kind of look realistic. 

Next Gerry completed the rock garden, planting the flowers we got at Canadian Tire today in our planters, ( never had these last year). The flowers were looking kind of harsh over at Canadian Tire, but I'm sure they will be quite colorful once they start growing.I chose white for the middle planter and the other two have purple and pink in them, favorite colors of Ria and Erika's!

Our front yard also sprouted a ton of dandelions  in one day, wow- they do spread! So had to pick up weed killer today as well for those. Gerry has 5 days off so he is working through his "honey do list". I'm not much into yard work, but I do have visions.Will share more photos in the days to come.


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