Sunday- June 16th- Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Well, I had meant to write a few lines first thing this morning but it just didn't happen- and it's already the end of the day- but did want to wish all dads a Happy Father's Day- and hope everyone had a special day today.

One of our daughters was out of town today, so we skipped having the family bbq with Gerry, and Gerry and I just had a bbq together. Angus burgers I picked up at Walmart were very good too- first time buying, and thought they were much better than burgers at one of my favorite restaurants . At $9.97 for 8 burgers they had me think twice before I picked them up, but I'm glad I chose them- as they really were a quality burger. 

Erika dropped off a card from her and Ria yesterday for Gerry- gift cards and scratch lotto tickets. I got him 2 short sleeved shirts for work and a cologne and body spray set from Avon.

Yesterday when cooking homemade pizza, my element blew in the stove. Gerry said it was going to be happening soon as it had been glowing very bright off and on over the past week. It scared me though when there was a flame that shot out in the oven and smoke..didn't know what to do except shut off the oven. Good things Gerry was home, came to the rescue and had half hour to get to the hardware store to get a new element for $45, before they closed.

Bought a new 3 piece dark walnut bedroom set from Canadian Tire, took a while for Gerry to get those all assembled! Lots of pieces, parts, etc..wouldn't be something I would be good at! Entire set with tax was $265 so we are trying to sell our other honey oak 3 piece set he got from his ex ( and deceased) father in law, years back. Hoping to get $280-$300 to recoup our money and just make it an even trade off. Our homemade headboard is a different brown as well so Gerry is going to see about getting some dark walnut stain to re-do that as well. Much cheaper than buying a new headboard..

Sunday is always bath day for Jake so will be off soon to do that.
Looking forward to Ria's return from the city as she's suppose to be stopping by with some Crave cupcakes! Yum!

Will be busy this week upcoming planning for our trip out on Sunday to Vancouver. Looking forward to it!


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