Having City Fun Without Leaving Town

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not all of us can live near the hustle and bustle of the city, and some of us don't want to. As much as we love the rural life sometimes you can crave the excitement of an urban area. Here are some ways you can have a little big city fun without having to leave your small town postal code.

Dinner theme nights:

If you cannot go to the hottest restaurant in town, make the food come to you. Talk with some friends and maybe have an international potluck, or even try something you saw on the food channel. It can be a great a frugal way to try a new dish.

Check online for entertainment:

Casinos and Bingo parlors are a source of entertainment for many folks, however if you do not have one in your town (or just don’t feel like going out) you can head online and check out live casino reviews at Try out some games, but make sure to set a budget, and stick to it.

Be a tourist in your own town: 

Sometimes we can get too comfortable where we live, and it may be hard for us to see what others find spectacular in your area. It may be the time to hit the local information center and see what they recommend to people stopping by, and then check it out. You may discover some wonderful things that you didn't know where hidden right in your very own back yard.

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