Giving Gifts For The Home

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Giving gifts for the home is a great way to include all members of a household in a gift giving exchange. After all, everyone will use it right? By giving a gift for the home you can go in the decorative direction or in the practical one. Either way, make someone happy this season. We have some great ideas below:

iCoffee by Remington-

iCoffee by Remington is revolutionizing the coffee industry with the first new coffee brewing technology in 50 years.
According to inventor Bruce Burrows, iCoffee took seven years and over 1,257 prototypes to perfect. iCoffee's patented SteamBrew™ technology makes it the first coffee brewer ever to utilize steam jets inside the coffee brew basket. The SteamBrew™ jets first pre-steam the coffee and then stir the coffee throughout the brewing process so each of the coffee grounds is completely suspended and surrounded by hot water at the perfect brewing temperature. Next, a rich coffee crema forms, indicating the elimination of bitter and acidic aftertastes. iCoffee also features an exclusive brew viewing window, which allows coffee lovers to watch the SteamBrew™ process in action. According to Burrows, because SteamBrew™ technology enables maximum flavor extraction, users can experiment to determine the optimal ratio of water to ground coffee they prefer, and many people find they use a smaller amount of coffee grounds with iCoffee. Burrows also notes that with iCoffee, finely extracted coffee essence (or sediment) may be visible after brewing, which is normal and a result of the SteamBrew™ extraction technology. 
Coffee drinkers have a choice of using iCoffee’s reusable goldtone filter or paper filters. 
Goldtone allows more coffee essence, paper allows less.

RainFall+ Shower Head-

With 7 Spray Settings, you can enjoy a range of showering sensations, from invigorating full body coverage to help you start the day, to a relaxing pulsating massage after a full day's work. This shower head is expertly engineered to provide 30% more water pressure and best of all, it takes just five minutes to install! A perfect Gift for the Home Gift!

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  1. I am the CMO for iCoffee. I appreciate your review but discovered one indicated that there is a choice between using iCoffee's resuable goldtone filter or paper filters...this is not correct. The iCoffee premium reusable goldtone filter forever eliminates the need for wasteful paper filters. If you choose to use the provided optional filter you will virtually eliminate the finely extracted coffee essence, or sediment, and enjoy a "paper filter experience" BUT most iCoffee lovers savor ALL the coffee essence knowing that it adds to the flavor and richness.


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