Saturday- December 28th

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Got some more photos from Ria in Roatan. These are of more insects in the housing building she is staying at. She said : "They seem to sweep through the whole house and then move onto the next. These ones missed our place and went I ran upstairs to tell the guy staying there, and he was out on the balcony watching them. Here also shows them eating cockroaches in the kitchen! "
Although we've been in a very deep freeze for weeks, and I do love the heat, I wouldn't want to be dealing with ants to that degree! She's had her share of insects there. Boyfriend also lost his ring that she gave him for their engagement, and lost while diving. They are offering a $100 reward as she said most people there earn an equivalent to $2.00 an hour.

We took down out Christmas decorations today- inside and out. Usually they are left till after January 1st but I figured Christmas was over, and we had the time to spend to take them down, so down they came. Packed away for another year. Has anyone else taken down their decorations yet?

I'm sure I've gained at least 5 lbs over the holidays as well. Too many chocolates and not enough exercise!

Watching "The Prisoners" on PPV soon so am off for now.

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