Add a Little Sunshine To Your Winter Days, With Kellogg Canada

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gerry recently had the chance to try some of Kellogg Canada's new Vitamin D fortified cereals. Since I don't drink milk, he was on his own on this one. (And no, I don't eat cereal dry- rarely anyhow, although I did quite a bit as a kid!)

We learnt from Kellogg Canada that over 85% of Canadian children are not getting the proper amount of vitamin D in their diets.

December 21st will mark the darkest day of the year and we may already notice the lack of daylight.

With that comes a drop in our Vitamin D levels, which can have a negative impact on our health, which is not so good.

To help Canadians now get that extra sunshine vitamin, Kellogg Canada has fortified 13 of it's most loved cereals with 20% of the daily intake. 
Kellogg Canada wants to do their best to help Canadians maintain a nutritious diet and good health.

Currently they are the only Canadian cereal company that is providing this in their cereals.

From what I understand about vitamin D is that if we don't get enough of this sunshine vitamin our calcium levels in our blood drop.When this happens, our bodies then borrow it from our bones. Not good. This can mean rickets in children or osteoporosis in adults.

So get your sunshine in every bowl with vitamin enriched Kellogg Canada cereals.

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