Today's Quick Tips

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some more quick money saving tips:

- save your toliet paper or paper towel rolls to recycle or to give to someone you know who has a rodent- rabbits, gerbils and hamsters love to chew on these
- use up the very last of anything by swishing with water, opening up tubes and bottles, there's always that last bit to use up!
-be conscious of lights left on and power wasted
-start saving now for next year's holidays.We put away only $20-$25 a payday but have hundreds by the time Christmas rolls around. We also shop the Santa's Choice program year round. what we didn't use we shared with family and gave to the food bank.
- buy marked down foods/grocery if your store has them. There are big savings there!
-use up in the fridge what you have for the next day before preparing something else. Incorporate it into breakfast, lunch or supper.

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