New Year's Eve 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well, haven't been doing too much today. We've had it very cold around here- can't seem to get out of the cold snap. With the windchill, alot of days have been in the -40's. Who feels like going anywhere? But yet, we do live in the North so we still have to get out- do our errands- whether cold or snowy.
I spent a few moments going through my coupons and getting rid of those with the December 31st expiry...and as you can see, I didn't have too many to recycle.
Won't be doing much today: reading, maybe some sorting throughout the house, wash the floors, a bit of time on the exercise bike, and of course time on the computer.
Gerry is getting off work early this afternoon so will be nice for both of us. 
We're content as well to stay home tonight. We're both quiet people.
From our house to yours though, we wish everyone a very safe and happy New Year's Eve evening!


  1. Happy new year's eve! Enjoy your quiet evening. (I went through my coupons yesterday and managed to use $16 worth but I have a lot more than you to recycle.)


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