February is Heart Health Month

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Besides Valentine's Day and it's hearts, February is also Heart Health Month. A month to look closer at our hearts and our health.

Our hearts are one of our most important muscles, so we have to take care of them. We all know that hearts can be broken both figuratively and literally, so in February spend some extra time looking after yours and someone's you love.

Our friends below also care about your heart :

Green Pan -

Healthy cooking is not only about the foods you use: it is also about the right cookware. 
The new "I Love Cooking" cookware, which is part of the Original GreenPan collection is wonderful! There's I LOVE Meat!, I LOVE Eggs! and I LOVE Fish! - all with different surfaces ideal for even oil/butter distribution and release properties. Plus, they all have the ceramic non-stick surface, so they're great for healthy, fool-proof cooking and easy clean-up. The pans start at $49.99 and are available at Dillards and and Macy's and

Clean Lean & Sexy-

Made with nutrient dense nuts and almond butter, Clean Lean and Sexy whole food energy bars make your heart happy!  

The unsaturated fatty acids, including omega 3’s, fiber, and vitamin E in the nuts all play a role in lowering cholesterol and preventing irregular heart beat or arrhythmia. 
Tossed with high oleic expeller pressed sunflower oil after it’s air popped, Clean Lean and Sexy popcorn is a heart healthy food.  High oleic expeller pressed sunflower oil is unlike other oils because it is naturally high in Vitamin E, has no trans fat and promotes production of the good cholesterol, HDL.

Looking for a tasty beverage for American Heart Month? Welch's 100% Grape Juice is a great option, as it helps support a healthy heart, thanks to the dark purple Concord grape. More than a decade’s worth of research suggests that drinking 100% grape juice made with Concord grapes can help support a healthy heart, and Welch's 100% Grape Juice is  a convenient way to incorporate more purple fruit into a healthy diet. Plus, it’s made with no added sugar! Visit for a list of all of their products, as well as family-friendly recipe ideas.

Healthy Choice offers a wide variety of well-balanced meals complete with protein and antioxidants that help you stay alert and focused during the day.  Healthy Choice is also low in saturated and total fat – two things that can lead to decreased energy and weight gain. In fact, a study from Healthy Choice and the Rippe Lifestyle Institute found that swapping a Healthy Choice meal at lunch helped 81 percent of study participants beat the afternoon slump and focus for the rest of the day. And Healthy Choice is made from only the best ingredients that you can recognize – like crunchy apples, crisp vegetables, tender meats and perfectly al dente pasta. They are a great option when you are looking for a quick, healthy, hot meal at home or at the office. Visit to see a list of all of their meals.

DAVID Almonds-

For maximum energy throughout the day, experts say you shouldn't let your body go 3-4 hours without eating. And protein in your snacks is a key way to keep your energy up. Tree nuts are loaded with protein and heart-healthy fats and are a great snack when you are looking for heart healthy options on the go.  For a ready-to-eat snack, try DAVID almonds. They have a variety of exciting flavors, including Wasabi & Soy Sauce and Dark Chocolate.  So go nuts!


The revolutionary new program presented in this book helps everyone have a healthy heart. In THE 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP Dr. Masley will first help you to determine your heart health. He will then take you step-by-step through a program to tune up your heart, energy, waistline, and sex life. 
  • Heart-healing foods
  • Exercise that strengthens your heart and arteries
  • Stress management
  • A customized heart-friendly supplement plan
THE 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP program is easy, fast, and could even be called sexy. Dr. Masley devotes a chapter to showing how improving heart health enhances sex drive and function in both men and women. 

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