Odysea Mirror Maze- Scottsdale, Arizona

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

While in Arizona, we will be visiting the Odsyea Mirror Maze, which is a fantastic maze build to simulate the sights, sounds and thrills of a deep and dark Central American rain forest.

In the maze you walk through various tunnels, or rickety bridges, as you hear the laughter of monkeys or the hiss of the anacondas. It is all in good fun. Who knows, maybe you will even be able to catch the elusive butterfly? The mirrors are designed to add an element of confusion to the exercise, and trying to outwit the maze can be a lot of fun.

For those looking to test their ninja skills there is the Laser Maze

It is an opportunity to twist, duck and crawl your way through a variety of lasers. Some of the lasers move, so you will have to be quick and nimble to make it through the vault and beat all your friends. Both these mazes seem like an excellent opportunity to get out of the Arizona heat and have a little bit of fun, as long as you do not get lost, that is. 

We cannot wait to try our luck in both of these mazes and rediscover our inner child.

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