Butterfly Atrium- Scottsdale, Arizona

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

While in Scottsdale, Gerry and I will be visiting the Butterfly Wonderland, which is the largest butterfly pavilion in America. The Atrium simulates a rain forest where thousands of butterflies fly freely from plant to plant, and sometimes even land on a visitor’s shoulder or finger. 

The atrium also features a butterfly emergency gallery, where you can witness the beautiful butterfly emerge from its cocoon, truly one of the rare experiences in life. And I see, a 3D theatre- featuring a stunning story and fascinating life of butterflies as told by this specially-edited 3D version of “Flight of the Butterflies.” This is a great one to cross off your bucket list!

After you are done admiring the butterflies you can check out the honey bee exhibit, it is also a unique opportunity to watch a working hive (from behind the glass). There is also an opportunity to see a harvester ant colony working together.

Finally there is the rivers of amazon exhibit, which allows the visitor to not only see but also to touch Motoro Stingrays. You can also see the many types of tropical fish, including the Amazon Pacu fish along with it very human-like teeth. This seems like a wonderful place to visit and see the beauty and magnificence of some of the worlds smallest animals that we just don't stop and appreciate enough in our day to day lives, so we cannot wait to go and see it.

***Butterfly Wonderland is  the first phase of "Odysea in the Desert", a 35-acre, multi-million-dollar entertainment complex that will include an IMAX theatre, the largest aquarium in the southwest region (scheduled to open in 2015); an "Arizona Experience;" a Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum; distinctive retail shops; and a "Taste of the World" culinary showcase (similar to those at Epcot in Orlando, Florida) with 14-16 distinctive international restaurants.

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