It's Gonna Be a Wild Time at the Phoenix Zoo

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

While in Phoenix we will be visiting the Phoenix Zoo-one of the largest non-profit zoos in the country. Being animal lovers this seems like a natural place to visit. This zoo does a lot in terms on conservation and rehabilitation of animals, so that not only do we get to enjoy them but future generations as well. The zoo is now also a sanctuary for those animals that are either endangered or unwanted.

There is a huge variety of animals, over 1400 in the zoo, spread over 4.5 km of walking trails. They are housed in enrichment habitats which allows them to get the mental and physical stimulation that they require. The four main trails are the Arizona trail, showcasing the local fauna, the Tropics trail with animals from the tropics, the Africa trail featuring some of the worlds most popular animals such as elephants and cheetahs, and the Children's trail which includes a petting zoo. The stingray bay exhibit is also a big attraction for tourists

We are very excited for our visit, it is always nice seeing animals in real life, but to also know that they are living fulfilling lives, even though they are in captivity.

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