Review: CKX Gear Modular Helmet

Monday, February 10, 2014

Who is CKX Gear?

CKX is a brand in constant evolution, attentive to their consumers and relentlessly seeking innovation.
The CKX mission is clear; to allow everyone to live their passion for power sports to the extreme by staying dry, warm and comfortable no matter the conditions, their level of activity or their budget.

Gerry recently reviewed one of their  modular helmets the Tranz RSV Blast.

Gerry was interested in a new snowmobile helmet as he wasn't happy with his old one. It wasn't comfortable wearing the one he had , and also he wanted a helmet as well, that would provide a built in sun visor.

What he got out of the Tranz RSV Blast is a helmet that fits very snug, a convenient chin strap that he can un-do with one hand, lining that can be removed to be washed, a sun visor, warm enough  to wear without the need of a balaclava, and also lightweight.

To say the least Gerry is very impressed with CKX! Our northern Saskatchewan,Canadian winters get very cold and you really want to be protected and using the best outdoor gear when your outdoors in this weather.

To locate a dealer in Canada- click here.
To locate a dealer in the USA- click here.


Gerry had the snow machine out this weekend on a longer ride and wanted to share some points he really found impressive with this helmet:

Very comfortable following a 2 hour ride - did not feel heavy on my head.
Muffled the sound of the snow machine even at high speed.
No air leaks as I have experienced with other
Very good peripheral viewing with wider lens
Sun visor assists in defining the terrain
Sun visor is an asset for driving on sunny days, very easy to adjust as required.
Quick disconnect chin strap is an A+
Modular face shield - very easy to unlock even with snowmobile gloves on.

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