Heading To Calgary Next Month

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Well, I guess we'll be taking a trip before our Arizona trip in April.
I decided to go with Gerry to Calgary, where Erika is now, and get my veins done in my other leg, before summer gets here. We'll be going the second week in March, for about 3 days.

You may have remembered when I went to Winnipeg last Fall to have one leg done. At the time I thought I was going to be getting both done, but they can only inject you with so much solution to collapse the bad veins, so I could only have one leg done. The plane fare from here  to there is extremely high and driving the 9 hours in the Winter didn't seem like an option to me, but I wanted to get the other one done.

Well, a light bulb went off the other day and I thought about another alternative and it turned out to be not so bad an idea. I found out that Gerry and I could probably fly cheaper from Saskatoon- Calgary and I was right. We have points for this and that so we'll be all set. Reward cards of all kinds are great- whether it's just plain 'ole reward cards or credit card reward cards.
The procedure will be done at a vein clinic and since I had one leg done before, I know what to expect and it's not too bad. Yes, there is an expense involved. It's $275 plus a $50 out of province doctor fee. But despite being thrifty, it really is worth it. Not only for the looks, but also made my leg feel better. Bad circulation is not good. 

While there, we'll be able to take in some of Calgary and visit with Erika and Jon. 

Be sure to follow along for upcoming posts on that and Florida - heading back there for a few days, in June, to get some heat!


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