February is Pet Dental Health Month

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We all know that healthy teeth lead to good overall health. So while you keep your own teeth and gums healthy make sure to do so for your four legged companions. February is Pet Dental Health Month, take it as an opportunity to better the health of your furry family members so you can enjoy each other for many years to come.

Dingo dog treats-

Your furry friend may not know it, but it’s something veterinarians agree on – your dog’s overall health depends on good dental hygiene. Dingo's dental chews and treats serve several purposes, all contributing to overall health. Whatever treats your pup prefers, they are sure to have a product that he or she will enjoy and which also benefits dental health. Their dental line reduces tartar and plaque, freshens breath, and helps maintain healthy gums. Choose from bite size chicken treats, rawhide bones, mini bones, sticks/spirals, chips, rawhide chews, and many more options.

indigoTM Fresh Family-

This ingenious 4-step dental system offers pet parents an easy, effective alternative to the stress and mess of brushing their dog’s teeth.
Just add a squirt of indigo Fresh Gel to their food dish, which is available in eucalyptus and peppermint flavors. The gel can be lapped right up and doesn’t have to be directly applied to the teeth. An indigoTM Fresh Biscuit a day helps keep plaque and tartar away, while indigoTM Fresh Sticks are longer-lasting chews that clean right down to the gums. And there’s no better way to keep a dog’s teeth and mouth in shape than with indigoTM Fresh Floss Bones. Plus, every indigoTM Fresh product is rich in antioxidants to support immune system health. 

The Pet Medical Center of Edmond shares these tips:

Tip #1: "You can use Kong Chew Toys for canines. These chews have rigid grooves that help clean your dog's teeth  as they chew on them."

Tip #2:  "If you are looking for alternative dental care for your feline, you can use something like Science Diet Oral Care. This is a good alternative cat food for cat that will help with not only a healthy mouth, but also overall good health."

Tip #3: "For both canines and felines, we like to use CET Hextra Chews since your pet can have one of these daily and they will not interfere with prescription diets. Each chew will provide approximately 18 hours of bacteria killing benefits. 

As you might know, pet bad breath is an early warning sign of deteriorating
gums and teeth conditions.Most dogs and cats already have signs of gingivitis by age 3. Yet, pet parents often overlooked this pet health care condition.
PlaqClnz is easy to use.... 
PlaqClnz pet breath freshener that also improves and maintains pet oral
Health In spray or gel formulas, PlaqClnz is EZ - a daily squeeze instantly
freshens breath while its zinc-based formula combats tarter and plaque build-up, promotes healthy gums, and whitens teeth.
No-taste, no-alcohol - the pet's natural licking action readily spreads it around its mouth.
See how it works at
Available online, at groomers, and pet retail supply stories.
Saves expensive vet teeth scaling under anesthesia - potentially risky,
esp. for senior dogs and cats.

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