Happy Father's Day - 2014 !

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gerry, Ria and his look a like doll from I Am A Stuffed

Wow- this is what happens when you just get back from a trip and are trying to get re-organized. I didn't even realize that I hadn't posted today to wish all the dads a Happy Fathers Day. So Happy Fathers Day all dads!
Gerry bbqed in the rain today,( I don't run the bbq), but did fix the rest of the fixins. Erika is in Calgary so missed being with Gerry but Ria was here and came over for supper, and we did a gift opening too. Missed you Erika, Jon and Chris, who couldn't be with us today.
Phoned my dad to wish him Happy Fathers Day but working today guarding at the local jail.
Hope everyone had a great day today with their own families.


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  1. I love my father very much. Happy Fathers Day to all dads.


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