Thursday June 5

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well, we'll be off on our trip to Orlando in another few days, so more travel blogging for me. Be nice to get away to more heat again. We've had very little heat here at home. I even had to cut the furnace in today- only 11 degrees outside. Brrrr! And yes, I do wear slippers and a sweater, but still always cool in here when the temperature drops outside.

We had the hardware guys come here a couple days ago for final measurements on the cupboards. Gerry will be building them himself and installing them, as well as counter tops. We decided to not go with second set where our microwave, kitchen cart and stand up cupboard are, since they wanted about $1200 for that! We'll just try to swap out the stand up white cupboard and white kitchen cart for brown ones. Will save us about $1,000 by doing that! It's a 3 week wait at least for materials to get here. Costing about $4500. Very big ouch of an expensive but no charging! Cash!

Had to take Jake to the vet the other day- $57 bill for kennel cough yearly spray, and some ear drops for itchy ears ( possible wax build up vet said).

The rv has been costing us some extra $$ as well, but guess that is to be expected. Especially for us to get it all ready. Getting it equipped inside and out. We'll be taking it out for the first time at the beginning of July and have plans to head over the border to Washington State. 

Off to the mail though- everyone have a great day.


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