June is National Safety Month

Friday, June 6, 2014

June is National Safety Month. However, safety should be your priority all year round. You can take time this month to take care of the little things that can make a huge difference in terms of your and your families' safety. Invest in tools and gadgets- however small they may be- that can help ensure your safety all year long. Products including:

The resqme emergency tool provides drivers peace of mind . Consider these facts:
  There are approximately 400-600 deaths per year caused by passengers trapped in submerged vehicles;
  Every day, someone dies in a submerged vehicle.
  Car entrapment is a present danger especially because cars today are equipped with electronic components, windows, central locking systems, and anti-theft devices;

Improve safety with resqme
  0.6 ounce rescue tool features a concealed steel blade that swiftly cuts through seat belts and a spring-like spike that easily shatters window glass with just one push, providing drivers and passengers with an easy escape should a life-threatening incident results in car entrapment;
  Originally developed for and used by first responders, firefighters, police, and rescuers. And now, is used by more than 3 million safety-conscious individuals worldwide!

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