Sunday June 29th

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Today is a wet day.. suppose to rain all day, but keeping as many windows open in here as I can, without the rain getting in. Love that fresh outdoor smell indoors. The air is so fresh and crisp. A big change from yesterday. Very muggy and so many bugs out. I swear there was one of every variety of yesterday. We seem to as well have an overabundance of hornets/wasps this year around. The neighbors have scrubs that the wasps may be pollinating, by our driveway, so I've had to park my car on the opposite side so I don't have to worrying about getting stung. Gerry can park on that side!

Today Gerry spent a few hours helping my sister's new bf move her stuff into the travel trailer. As my sister and her kids are moving 13 hours away, leaving tomorrow.

He spent a few hours yesterday washing the rv, from top to bottom, with the pressure washer. Something he hasn't done since we got it. Said the top was extremely brown and dirty! Getting ready for the trip to Montana this weekend.

Also, working on the new garbage bin project that we should have pictures of soon, weeding, and so much more off my "Honey Do List". Since we knew we were getting alot of rain today, all the outdoor projects were done yesterday. I see Southern Saskatchewan also hit with alot of rain.
How has the weather been your way?


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