Wednesday- June 11, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In for the evening. So what did we do today?

We headed to Sea World earlier in the day, after checking out the weather forecast online, and seeing thunderstorms in the forecast for the afternoon. I would totally recommend anyone going on any holiday, and visiting local, outdoor attractions, to check out the forecast for the area the night before. By doing this, we were able to get the park earlier knowing that we could make it to Shamu Stadium and see the One Ocean Show

We were in Orlando last year and missed the show as there was a terrible storm that came up later in the day and the show was cancelled. We enjoyed it today though- it was our first stop in the park. This is a must see in the park, as well as be sure if you are a pet owner and animal lover to see the Pets Ahoy Show. There were dogs, cats, doves, rats, pot bellied pigs and even a  skunk performing a series of skits with and without their trainers -showing off skills. It was by far our favorite part of our half day there. 

But we also enjoyed so much more of the park as well. Enjoy the dolphin feedings, touch a stingray, feed the sea lions, see more great shows, enjoy their shopping spots and great eateries throughout the park.

We left Sea World earlier than we wanted though- the storm came by 2:30 pm and raining too hard to stay in the park, for us anyhow. We still noticed people coming in though while we were leaving. 

We headed over to Wonder Works after that-but had to wait about half an hour in line- was busy. By the time we were leaving, no one was in the lines again.I was here years ago with my ex but Gerry had never been here before.It's a great spot to bring the kids, especially if the weather isn't so agreeing for the day. Wonder Works is an amusement park for your mind- 100 interactive exhibits, and indoor rope course 4-D theater and lazer tag. We did more of the "older folks stuff"-lol. Both of us have issues with motion rides, and Gerry decided to stay off the rope course since he has bifocals.

It was time for supper after Wonder Works. A visit to Johnny Rockets.

We really can't say enough good about the food or the service. The burgers we had here were the tastiest meal we had our entire trip so far. 
Johnny Rockets has that All American food menu- All-American hamburgers, shakes, American fries and more. Yummy supper! We've definitely been eating alot, but walking it off we hope, in the parks!

Headed back to Eddie Baurer again too- love, love, love the outlet store here- savings on 50-70% on so much, and a big selection here too. Boy do I wish there was one of these closer to home.

We're in for the evening, and on to our last day here tomorrow. So will talk to you all tomorrow evening.


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