Sunday, June 29, 2014

Today's Quick Tip

Although there are some articles of clothing or blankets, etc., that may say "dry clean only" on the tag, I've found I can still wash them on a gentle cycle in my washer, or hand wash. I can also hang them outdoors or in the house to dry. You can also look at care labels, and choose not to buy items that do require dry cleaning.

Garbage Bin Re-Do

We decided to re-do the garbage bin, after noticing it has been slowly decaying and getting in rough shape.

Gerry picked up some treated 5/8's plywood and a number of treated 2x4's from RONA Home & Garden .
He liked the selection that RONA Home & Garden offered, the yard layout and helpful store associates/yard crew.
At home he already had the hinges, 4x4 posts and a selection of wood deck screws.
He wanted to maximize wood usage, so one sheet of plywood completed everything for the lid.
Paint was bought elsewhere on a clearance/mistint, for $10. Luckily he was able to find a color that matched quite well with our yard and area.
He spent $50 at RONA Home & Garden ,$10 for the paint, and about $10 in other items were just found in the shop that he had saved over time, from other projects. 
We also loved that they accepted Air Miles as we are reward point collectors as well.

Here you can see the before and after pictures. 

Sunday June 29th

Today is a wet day.. suppose to rain all day, but keeping as many windows open in here as I can, without the rain getting in. Love that fresh outdoor smell indoors. The air is so fresh and crisp. A big change from yesterday. Very muggy and so many bugs out. I swear there was one of every variety of yesterday. We seem to as well have an overabundance of hornets/wasps this year around. The neighbors have scrubs that the wasps may be pollinating, by our driveway, so I've had to park my car on the opposite side so I don't have to worrying about getting stung. Gerry can park on that side!

Today Gerry spent a few hours helping my sister's new bf move her stuff into the travel trailer. As my sister and her kids are moving 13 hours away, leaving tomorrow.

He spent a few hours yesterday washing the rv, from top to bottom, with the pressure washer. Something he hasn't done since we got it. Said the top was extremely brown and dirty! Getting ready for the trip to Montana this weekend.

Also, working on the new garbage bin project that we should have pictures of soon, weeding, and so much more off my "Honey Do List". Since we knew we were getting alot of rain today, all the outdoor projects were done yesterday. I see Southern Saskatchewan also hit with alot of rain.
How has the weather been your way?