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Friday, October 30, 2015

Hard to know where to start- but we've arrived back home- mid evening last night. About 3 hours out of town there was snow in the hills and quite alot in the bush, but closer to home it went away. Then about an hour out of town we heard a roaring noise in the RV from seeming like the exhaust. Wow- it was so loud! Good thing it happened close to home. The RV really took a beating on some of the roads we were on. There is alot of rocking back and forth, things moving in the cupboards, closets, etc., if you are not on a smooth highway.  I had internet in most locations, and was able to to keep up with the blogging and such from the kitchen table, while Gerry motored along so that was nice. After running to the auto parts store, he found out the piece he needs is an exhaust gasket that had broke off on the RV. $17

It was Gerry's 55th birthday yesterday and our anniversary the day before that but with being on the road and trying to get home, we didn't do much for celebrating either.

While driving through the city of Saskatoon though with the RV and it being a big thing that can't just stop on a dime, it looked like Gerry may have got nailed with the red light camera. We sure hope not- but it did take the photos as he was going through while it was changing. Looked on the internet and the cost is over $200, so now we wait and see if anything comes in the mail.

Came home to a dusting of snow. Gerry had to get pails of water last night from the RV so we could have some water to flush with last night in here. Got some unloading done, and then was up early this morning to call the town and have the water turned back on. So we're all set that way. I was already washing clothes today and will be nice to have a bath tonight in my FULL SIZED TUB!

When we left we also had to shut off other services such as our cable tv, the phone, the internet, etc. When you do this there are fees associated with suspending services. Luckily by asking, I was able to have these fees waved. Now I'm not saying this will happen everytime you do this or if you have a circumstance like ours where we returned in a week, but it pays to ask, plus, also helps if you are a long time customer with the services.

Will be nice to get back on a regular schedule again. Although Gerry is retired, he was talking about getting a JOB during the winter- so not sure what is happening with that. Think he wants it for something to do.

On a final note- I have added up all my expenses for this trip- and have converted any US dollar amounts over into Canadian dollars for the final tallies.

Groceries- did not do this one but would guess we spent about $100
Take Out- $25
Propane- $100.47
Yellowstone National Park entrance- $39.49
Repairs and Maintanance on RV- $105.19
Camping fees- $280.60
Gas- $1580.80
 **( an expensive week to say the least)

Posting some more pictures soon!

** Additional expense- anti freeze for RV once we got home- $30


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