Leaving Tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

After all the hassles with the rad with the RV, and getting parts and spending way too much money, it's all set to go and so are we! We're getting the RV all packed up today. All the home services have been suspended and the water will be getting turned off this afternoon, then we're out of here tomorrow morning. Today will be a busy day. I will say that we did save money on the rad by Gerry doing all the work himself. And we are saving money by suspending services like our phone, cable, internet, water /garbage. Some services though have costed money to put on a vacation hold. My cell phone is costing me $4 a month to put on a hold, cutting off water and garbage saves us $55 a month, the phone/ internet was $59 and the cable was $49. We are leaving on the power of course as we have a neighbour and family checking our home while gone, and the furnace will stay running at a minimal temperature which the neighbour will check on while the temperature drops.

We'll be heading to Tucson first as we are flying out the first week of November to meet our daughter Ria in Orlando. She is there for a trade show on diving. Yeah, we'll be broke soon with all this money we're throwing around for sure! Jakey will be staying at a kennel I've researched in Tucson. We'll fly out and stay for a week in Orlando... so yes, I'm busy! Lots of planning. Booked our stay in Orlando at the Vacation Village at Parkway. Have stayed there before.  I got a  1 week condo through our RCI on a deal for $390- which includes the taxes. Flights for 2=$960.Tucson- Orlando. Weather isnt too bad today for packing up today. No rain and no snow! 


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