My Review of a Laser Fax Machine by Brother

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to review the  Brother Fax-2480 machine. This machine really out does my older Brother fax machine, that we've had for years! This machine is a laser fax machine. It comes with a  33.6k bps modem, which makes for very fast communications. It has a transmission speed of approximately 2.5 seconds per sheet. It is awesome!

It also features a 20 page capacity auto document feeder. And has a generous 250 sheet front loading paper capacity. There is also an optional high capacity replacement toner cartridge available.

The IntelliFAX-2840 is a compact fax machine which has up to 272 broadcast locations, and 222-station auto dialing. This fax machine also has 16MB standard memory capacity with dual access.

We recently replaced our older machine for this one. Our older Brother fax machine worked great and really lasted us a long time. Although I was having issues with the phone cord on it, plus I was getting interruptions with the line because of it I think.I changed the cord but it still didn't help with the line and static, and the phone just not working anymore, but I guess it had seen it's last days.

                                             ( the old machine)

It's nice to have a fax machine though for the home- I have used mine quite a fair bit over the years. The Fax-2480, is a laser fax machine that is perfect for home offices like ours. We wouldnt be without one! And although the new one looked so much more bigger- it fit perfect in the spot where it replaced the old machine.


  1. We had a Brother too and I loved it but after many years it has now packed it in and don't know what to buy, thanks for the review.


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