Saturday October 10

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada- but no plans for us. Kids won't be home and we're busy getting ready to leave next week to head south for x amount of months,( "x" because we're really not too sure how long yet.) Been putting off buying the medical/health insurance we will need to get before we leave- as a 4 month stay will be at least $600. It's alot of money for sure, but I would hate for something to happen and be stuck with an even bigger hospital bill. It looks like Gerry's work insurance will still have us covered till October 31st though so will shave some of the cost off. We were going to buy before we left but realize we don't need it quite yet now.

On top of that Gerry needs 2 back tires for the SUV so that's another $450 before we leave.
He retired last Friday and is very much enjoying being at home. He'll still have one more full cheque coming to us then a  1 week cheque and then a pay out for his holiday pay. Next year in the Spring we should still get another decent tax return and he'll get one more company bonus cheque. His first pension cheques will start December 1st- half of his take home pay he had before. Who else is living on a pension ? So soon we'll be called Stretching the One Income Pension Cheque-LOL

Gerry may or may not do something for work come Summer. He hasn't given it too much thought, although a neighbour was the one that mentioned a job possibly doing something with Parks. For now we're taking it one day at a time.

We had a beautiful day here today that got up to 19 degrees but in the forecast we're seeing snow is arriving the 19th of October- and by then we'll already be in the USA.



  1. Happy retirement to your husband! It must feel great to be done with work (at least for a while).

  2. Thank you- he said it is nice to be done yes.


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