Today Has Not Been a Good Day

Friday, October 23, 2015

I'm not sure where to start but today has not been a good day- plain and simple. We had to go and have the toilet looked at - or thought at least I thought we could get a new toilet since we only bought it a few months ago. Well, no, since the toilet was only covered for manufacturer defects at the time and not the fact that the valve had a hairline crack in it causing it to leak bad! Why did it have a crack? Well probably because the roads have been so bloody rough. And the cost of the new valve- about half the cost almost of the toilet new- $77. But what else happened today? Well the wallpaper we put on most of the cupboard doors in the bedroom and bathroom peeled off. Then when we were on some stupid selected GPS road, the cupboard in the bathroom kept opening and closing, with things coming out- so I finally got my roll of packing tape out and taped it shut! Frustrating! But wait there's more- rough roads broke off tabs on a few of the blinds too.

Gerry drove 342 miles today and we're in Glasgow, Montana for the evening.
Cottonwood Inn and Suites- RV Park- hardly anyone here- and off season rate . 
Cost of site $30 with Good Sam discount
Did stop in Chamberlain, Sask. for a photo opp.( below)

We arrived in Glasgow late so never got laundry done like I wanted or a shower today. With staying in campgrounds as well, it sucks to have to be out on their time. Would be nice to just stay and relax but unfortunately it costs for sites like these- electrical too we are getting too to run our heat-and it's still cool enough in the evenings that we need it. Gerry said if we didn't need the heat for the night then we could do the non electrical and get cheaper camping. We're also on a time crunch to get to Tucson as we are flying out on Nov 2nd to Florida and will need to get some things done there and settled into some camping spot, before we head out from there. I do hate being rushed and I do miss my routine already I have at home- including having my washer/dryer when I need it, my long pressurized showers, my tub, my internet when I need it....but I also want to get away from our cold.. so how do I have my cake and eat it too?

I do have free WiFi here tonight so that's nice because I will have to find a Walmart tomorrow along the way to get a pre-paid cell phone and a Verizon pay as you go internet card. I know Verizon cards also need to be activated by phone so need the phone to do that as well. Hope the cell phones wont be too much or that I have any troubles to find one.

On a happier note Jakey loved seeing the cows and horses we passed along the way- well I think he did- he was barking at them. Am thinking it was an excited bark and not I'm going to get you bark!

I also hope tomorrow will be a better day...



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