Some Pictures From Today

Sunday, October 25, 2015

                                Some oddity- in a farmer's field- Montana

                               Jakey loved seeing the buffalo but while I had the window open for him to see, told him no barking at them!

                                More of Montana- getting more exciting scenery than just fields!

                               Part of the Absoraka Mountain Range- near Livingstone, Mo.

Mileage Today- 278 miles- felt like more!
Gas- $100 US
Propane- $24.29 US
Campground- electrical again for night- $37.56 US - (includes Good Sam discount)

Got my disposable cell phone all set and my Verizon for internet while on the road and where I don't have free Wi-Fi... and when I need to do online banking with a more secure line.

Campground in Livingstone, Mt- Osens RV Park and Campground

and... the weather back home.... ( mom's picture)



  1. I love your newsletter on travel but to ill right now to comment everyday but I read the whole thing and would love even more, have a wondeful time!

  2. I am sorry you are still not well. It's nice to have fans like you following...stay tuned for new post


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