Monday, March 23, 2015

Vegas- Monday March 23

After a long day out today, we've finally returned to the condo for the evening. Once again we're eating late- it's midnight back home time, but 10 pm Vegas time zone.

We ended our day today with the Terry Fator Show. This was the second time we had seen Terry's show, over the years, and certainly always a blessing to have the opportunity to see it again when we are in Vegas. ( And I must add that the show does change, for those that do make regular visits to Vegas). This man is one of the best entertainers/singers/comedians that Gerry and I have ever saw- and we're been to a fair amount of shows. He even makes me laugh- and it takes alot to make me laugh! His material is "spot on", staying current with hit songs as well as keeping up with the current celebrity gossip, incorporating them as well into his material for the show. Terry also pays tribute in his show to heroes in our lives, and gives all proceeds of sales of his show's merchandise to worthy causes. It is nice to see in the  show that besides the main stage for viewing, there are also screens on both sides of theater, to see Terry and the puppets up close. Truly a show that we feel everyone has to see when they come to Vegas! 

It was a beautifully sunny day earlier today though , and earlier in the day we made a first time visit to the Springs Preserve. We enjoyed the relax feeling of the preserve and enjoyed viewing all it had to offer.

Our day also included a stop by the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop- as seen on TV, and as well to Count's Kustoms, also seen on TV. Had been to Gold & Silver Pawn on a previous visit to Vegas, but was nice to go back and check out some of what we had missed before. And enjoyed the Count's showroom as well.


We also both had manicures done today at the Mirage, while waiting for the Terry Fator Show, so all in all a nice relaxing day! Just have to try not to get in so late tomorrow night! Getting to bed too late the last couple nights.

Monday, Monday- We've Arrived!

Finally we're here!  Arrived Vegas last night, after a long trip here it seemed like.

Left home yesterday morning around 10:30 am, drove to Prince Albert, and dropped off Jakey at the kennels, ( sorry Jakey- I know you'd love the sun here). Hit bad weather worst than home, from home to Price Albert, and it only got worst coming into Saskatoon. Were able to board the plane though for 5:30 pm and arrived Vegas 3 hours later. Man I hate those flights where you have to regain your sea legs once you get off the plane. Saw another couple from home as well on the plane, travelling with their mother but never got a chance to speak with them, so not sure when they were heading back. 

We're staying at the Grandview Las Vegas (condo)- view from our window this morning. (Pictures taken about 7 am)

Gerry and I both checking emails this morning and such and soon have to hit the shower, get dressed and ready for the day. Weather looks wonderful. Calling for 27 degrees.

Will write more later!